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Wanted Law

Lawyers in Bruges

Wanted Law

Lawyers in Bruges

Gulden-Vlieslaan 28
8000 Bruges

T +32 50 440 630

Zonnekemeers 19
8000 Brugge

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Decades of combined experience as a lawyer, thorough file knowledge, a creative open mind and the necessary dose of persistence: we are happy to make this available to all of us within Wanted Law Bruges to unburden you. We focus on family law, tenancy law, co-ownership, contract law, construction and contracting, judicial reorganization,...
We are happy to translate your wishes or concerns into a fast, good solution. Together with you, we look at how we can best serve your family or business interests: timely advice, appropriate assistance in negotiations or mediation, or through legal proceedings if necessary.
Our goal from start to finish is to create added value and maximum client satisfaction with your interests in mind. And this as easily as possible!
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We are always looking for talent in various legal domains. Do you have the expertise, perseverance and commitment we are looking for?


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Attorney-partner Brugge

Joachim Vanspeybrouck


Pierre De Keukelaere


Peter De Roover


Kelsey Casier


Sharryn-Chill Hermy


Jana Vangeluwe


Margoue Martelé

Office Manager Wanted Law Brugge

Laura Andries

Administrative assistant Wanted Law Bruges

Marijke Vermeersch

Growth manager

Sarah Verbeke