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Corporate law

Professional assistance

In your professional life you are also confronted with many challenges on a daily basis: the establishment and operation of your company, assistance with your contracts and projects, assistance in case of claims or sound debtor management: we help you with appropriate advice and correct, efficient assistance. would like to take away the worries so that you can focus on your core task.

Negotiated if possible, through legal means if necessary.

You and your company

In order to be able to fully focus on your core tasks, the underlying structure must be in place.

You hope to avoid many problems later on, not only because the possible causes are detected and eliminated in time, but also and above all because you have already made clear agreements in advance and have worked out the best possible solutions.

We are happy to help you with appropriate assistance in the following situations, among other things, back from our consideration that we can help you unburden so that you can put all your energy into what you are good at.

For example, think of:

Creation and acquisition

Do you choose to set up one or more companies, or do you continue to carry out all or part of your activities in the form of a sole proprietorship?

Are you taking over the commercial fund or rather the company that owns it? We are happy to advise - whether or not together with your accountant - about the construction that we think is most suitable for you, agreements to be made with possible co-shareholders (shareholder agreement), capital increases, what you do best with your real estate, etc. .

  • (Problems with) representation of the company
  • Powers of directors/general meeting
  • Role of shareholders
  • Raising capital
  • Remediate balance
  • Divide profit
  • Fiscal Optimization
  • Consequences of new company legislation,…
  • Liability Issues
  • Founders Liability
  • Directors' liability,
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Blocking of the operation of the company
  • Share repurchase
  • Forced transfer
End: transfer/liquidation/judicial reorganization/bankruptcy

You wish (gradually) to take a step back, to completely transfer your shares within the company, or to discontinue the company completely. We are happy to advise you on the consequences of the various choices that can be made.

Or is the survival of the business at risk due to (exceptional) financial difficulties? We are happy to help you evaluate whether there are chances of recovery and in negotiations with suppliers or banks. In that context, a judicial reorganization procedure for an internal reorganization or transfer may prove useful, if you are open to it in good time. If it turns out that everything is no longer feasible, we will guide you in applying for the bankruptcy and contacting the trustee afterwards.

Your daily operation: contracts and projects

Sometimes less aware of the consequences, small but also larger contracts are concluded every day. Its consequences are best estimated correctly before you put your signature under it. Certainly if they are part of a broader planning or a concrete project.

  • Do they fully meet your objectives?
  • Do you receive the necessary guarantees?
  • Are you sufficiently safeguarding your interests?
  • What are the consequences of shortcomings?
  • For how long are you bound?
  • Can you get out of it quickly and cheaply?
  • Do they fit within your short and longer term planning?

Be sure to read them in good time, and ask us for legal advice regarding your project in advance.

We prefer to help you in a timely manner with:

Your contracts
  • Commercial rent
  • Common rent
  • Occupation in prayer
  • Alternative shapes
  • Business rights such as usufruct or building rights
  • Rent-buy
  • Buy
  • Leasing etc.

often bind for a longer period of time and are often subject to strict regulations of their own.

The same may apply to agreements in which services are provided (telephony or internet solutions, maintenance contracts, printers, etc.):

  • Automatic contract renewal clauses
  • Termination or termination fees
  • Price adjustment clauses, etc.

can have a much bigger impact than what the fine print might suggest…

Collaboration agreements also often have an impact in the longer term, so that contracts to be concluded from e.g.

  • Franchising
  • Mandate
  • Trade Representation
  • Commercial agency
  • Labor contract

should be followed closely.

Specific clauses in the above contracts can also have different consequences depending on the background, the type of contract, the qualification that may be given to it, and the mandatory or non-mandatory legal rules that apply to it. For example, a competition clause will not always be fully implemented, and in other cases certain clauses will have to be kept unread because they are in conflict with mandatory legislation.

So be sure to have everything checked to see if it is in accordance with your plans and objectives.

Your plans and projects

We are also happy to discuss the feasibility of your plans with you with proposals for optimization, eliminating legal caveats and offering alternative solutions.

Do not hesitate to think of us with your investments in real estate (consequences of your purchase and resale in every area – better privately or through a company? are there optimization possibilities? cooperation agreements or plans for the start-up of a new activity, changes to current contracts, a correct termination thereof, etc.

But vigilance can also be useful in your contract with the contractor and architect when, for example, entering into construction work. What price agreements are there, and what are the consequences of this? What provisions have been included regarding the delivery of the works? Are there
no risks resulting from the choice of contract partner?, etc…

In short, let us make the difference for you in advance.

Damage, protection and insurance

Damage and loss are unfortunately also an integral part of your professional life. A fire, damage caused during the operation of your activities by yourself, staff or buildings, or by third parties where you or your company become a victim.

A correct assessment of the policies taken out and their guarantees, assistance in enforcing cover and correct, timely intervention by the insurer  can make a big difference.

What steps can you take and when should you take the initiative to the insurance company? Can they refuse to intervene? Could they cancel that policy?

The question of this liability, the persons entitled to and liable to pay compensation and the possible interventions of insurance all require a specific expertise that is amply available within the office.

But also a prosecution before the police court of yourself, your company or a staff member for, for example, non-compliance with traffic rules, overloading, driving excessively fast or driving while intoxicated or drunk, is best tackled adequately to prevent personal damage due to a long driving ban or avoid high fines.

Both in the field of (criminal) defense and in the field of civil consequences, we take the worry off your shoulders, and we are happy to help you!

Safeguard your liquidity position: debtor follow-up

You may be as good at your profession, but ultimately a lot depends on the way in which your customers meet their financial obligations to you.

A late or even complete lack of payment can have very serious consequences for your cash flow position.

We are happy to assist you in perfecting your debtor management, on which you can continue to build with confidence.

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