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The Wanted Law Principles

The Wanted Law lawyers guarantee the following principles in the handling of your case:

We are your confidant

You can tell us everything! Our profession is obliged to remain silent about this. Lawyers are the only ones standing next to you in court. We can therefore continue to support you.

First we try to solve the problem without court. But it is important to be prepared for this. The sooner you approach us, the more chance that everything will run smoothly: preferably without, but if necessary, with the court.

We listen to you

How you feel about the different possible scenarios is important to us. We therefore ask for your opinion and comments on the options available to you. As a result, we are very involved and we take into account what you consider important.

We are available

Our individual offices are locally anchored. As a result, we understand you and the counterparties better, to reach an agreement and relieve you of your worries.

We communicate in understandable language

Wanted Law communicates with you without legal jargon. We make it a point that you understand where you stand and know what you can do.

We analyze your legal problem

Together with you, we make a correct analysis of your legal problem. What is the problem, what do you want and what are the best steps to take to optimize this?

We inform you about your options and chances of success

After analyzing your legal problem, we will tell you what it is, even if it is an unpleasant message. Identifying the problem correctly is our first task.

We follow up your case clearly

We will inform you as soon as we know more about certain developments in your case.

After the ruling or the agreement reached, there is often still a long way to go. Things should change as you intended. Or we have to deal with the consequences as best we can.

Give us feedback

Although we always do our utmost, you may still have suggestions for improvement.

Feel free to let us know via this link, and we will try to accommodate it as best as possible!