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By Cengiz C. from Sint-Niklaas on 18/01/2024


I had a very pleasant collaboration with this office. The outcome of the case was positive, and there is also quick and clear communication about the status of the file. I therefore recommend this law firm.

By T.C. from Denderleeuw on 11/01/2024

Very staisfied

Dear Mrs. De Maeseneer, Thank you for the work done and the smooth communication, I am very satisfied with your services.

By Annika DV from Temse on 25/08/2023

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! From the first contact there was a click, which gave me a sense of confidence. The road was long ..the result sublime! This law firm is very Professional, has a good knowledge of legislation, and uses a To the point communication. With a customer-friendliness and personal contact that comes first I would like to thank the team that assisted me once again .

By Karim from Temse on 25/08/2023

Well helped

I ended up with this law firm through my insurance. I was very well helped by Master Bickx! Recommended!

By Francisco G. from Sint-Niklaas on 28/06/2023

Always able to answer my questions!

Very good and fast service. I could always go to them with my questions, which were always answered quickly and clearly. Accurate follow-up of the file and a strong plea resulting in the most favorable verdict! Can only recommend them!

By B.G. from Hamme on 15/06/2023

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the professional assistance of this long process with a positive result. I had a good feeling about the business from the first contact, and I had complete confidence in you. My confidence has certainly not been betrayed. After a long wait I am very happy with the positive verdict. Justice has been done.

By Insurance Broker from Wetteren on 08/06/2023

It is a relief to read how people explain the result in human language!

We wanted to thank you, from our side as an insurance broker, for the result achieved. We would also like to say that it is a relief for us to read how you explain the result in human language. This is the first time in our career for us… Also how you point out the customer's responsibility with a velvet glove at the end. Not patronizing, but from a “caring for”.

By Dave D.P. from Sint-Niklaas on 01/06/2023


Fast service, good advice. Recommended.

By Johan S. from Overijse on 24/05/2023

Very clear and complete!

Received a very clear and complete explanation; all additional questions and comments were also answered with knowledge of the facts. Very professional and customer friendly!

By Sven H. from Terhagen on 04/05/2023

Very good and fast help!

Very good and fast help from these people for which many thanks!

By Patrick V. & Eliane D. from Kruibeke on 20/04/2023

Unexpectedly fast and professional

I received - unexpectedly fast and professional - correct advice on traffic law. Completely in accordance with the agreements made on the website. Top Office with top advisors who speak human language!Top Kantoor met top adviseurs die mensentaal spreken !

By Tim from Aalst on 11/04/2023


Quick and clear answer

By Nancy T. from Kappele op den Bos on 27/03/2023


Very friendly lawyer, who helped me immediately. To my disadvantage, but nice to know that someone listens and gives direct advice! Top!

By Yarne V.d.B. from Hoboken on 08/03/2023


Very friendly and they help as soon as possible. The result was better than expected. Super!

By Jimmy I. from Beveren on 06/03/2023

Defended tooth and nail

I've needed a lawyer a few times. This is by far my best lawyer and I recommend it to everyone. They defended me tooth and nail, always correctly and clearly informed. They also continued to assist and help me (free of charge) after the case had been closed for a long time. They can rightfully call themselves an excellent law firm. Thanks for all the help.

By Joris D. from Grimbergen on 16/02/2023

Advice via chat

Advice requested via chat. Suggested calling me. Gave a lot of advice that I wasn't aware of. Gave this advice for free and didn't force it.

By Bachirov M. from Oostende on 07/02/2023

Good advice

Thanks to good advice I received, I was able to take steps that allowed me to limit my fine and driving ban. This is the second time I have been assisted by Wanted Law and I am very satisfied. Big thanks for your help.

By Rutger M. from Paal on 23/12/2022


Nothing to complain about. Top notch from start to finish!

By Katrina R. from Antwerp on 12/12/2022

Exceptional service!

Exceptional service! In less than 24 hours I received a call where my questions were answered and I was carefully heard. Would recommend!

By R.O. (kopie dd 24/11/2022 09:21:15) from Oostkamp on 24/11/2022

Very smooth communication!

Very smooth communication. Perfect guidance in the file and the most positive result we could obtain in the case. Thanks again to Wanted Law and in particular to Master Vangeluwe.

By Marc S. (kopie dd 17/11/2022 14:18:19) from Wilrijk / Sluis on 17/11/2022


Very good guidance and follow-up of my file with perfect knowledge.

By Céline P. from Antwerp on 23/09/2022

Very correct service with great results!

Thank you again for your assistance and short follow-up this summer. I am very happy that I ended up with you through my insurer.

By Manuela G. from Wilrijk on 22/09/2022


Fast response and to the point information. TOP

By Jill R. from Sint-Kruis (Bruges) on 21/09/2022

Top service

An office where you are not a number, but where you really get personal advice, "to the point" information and where your own needs and wishes regarding the file are looked at. Due to circumstances, first contact by telephone and then a lot of email traffic before we could really meet "face to face", but the majority of the preparation was already done by then. Really top service with very skilled people. Hopefully not soon but I know where to go if something happens in the future.

By Yoeri S. from Ostend on 16/09/2022

I was well helped

I was well helped

By Isabelle from Sint-Niklaas on 06/08/2022

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied! The lawyers give a good, clear explanation of what to do, with a human touch and yet very professional. I would recommend this agency to anyone.

By Lieve M. from Zaffelare on 09/06/2022

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for bringing my case to a successful conclusion. For me it was occasionally accompanied by sleepless nights, but thanks to you those are now a thing of the past. Hopefully you don't have too many cases that drag on for more than 15 years. I came to you when it was only Meester Francine Pauwels and I have managed to grow the office and even move it. I could always contact you at the office (sometimes even in the evening), or by mail or telephone and everything was clearly explained to me in "human language". Thank you!!!!

By Cedric V. R. from Sint-Niklaas on 16/05/2022

Positive qualities

Transparency and realistic, professional and friendly are just some of the many positive qualities of Wanted Law.

By Magamed B. from Geraardsbergen on 13/05/2022

Thank you!

Went to court in my place and got the best possible verdict, thank you!!

By Dirk V. from Stekene on 11/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Certainly interesting.

By Desire P. from Waasmunster on 11/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Interesting. Professional performance.

By Benjamin I. from Waasmunster on 08/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

An interesting information evening with 'to the point' speakers.

By Annemie V.-M. from Sint-Niklaas on 07/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Lecture was very interesting, learned something new, very well organised, looking forward to the next session.

By Luc V. M. from Wuustwezel on 07/04/2022

Thank you!

Fast and very to the point advice, thank you.

By Annemie B. from Beveren on 06/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Received interesting information, especially the website with example contracts!

By Danny S. from Stekene on 05/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Instructive evening followed by pleasant networking. Thank you very much for this!

By Antoon S. from Antwerpen on 28/03/2022

Thank you!

Thank you very much for providing me with good advice and legal assistance at a very short notice ... with the best outcome as a result. (Yes: better than the best, intended scenario.) Big kudos and a (defendant) bank ahead! We Will Rock You!

By Rasmik T. from Mechelen on 21/03/2022

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with this service and the speed of response. Mail with the necessary situation/advice was sent on Friday 18/03 at 12.58 pm and at 1.08 pm was contacted by phone to provide advice. And this advice was correct and qualitative. Very satisfied with this service.

By Victor P. from Putte on 14/03/2022

Good help!

Helped with going over the practical implications of a driving ban on Belgian territory as a Dutch driving license holder. Wanted Law was able to quickly determine my individual situation with specific questions and was able to immediately provide appropriate advice.

By TL from Stekene on 11/03/2022

Very well informed!

I am very well informed about the necessary subject. I would like to thank you for the smooth and clear conversation, in a very friendly way. Thank you very much for this

By Gerry V. S. from Beveren-Waas on 08/03/2022


Wanted Law is an office where the customer comes first. The way Wanted Law handles its files is 'to the point', with a great deal of knowledge and thoughtfulness. The information moments are also clear and in-depth. Despite the size of the office, personal contacts remain a matter of course. Congratulations for this!

By Freek B. from Lubbeek on 07/02/2022

Extremely happy to have ended up at Wanted Law!

Nobody likes to come into contact with the judicial merry-go-round, but sometimes, because of youthful indiscretion in traffic, you do have to deal with it against will and thanks. We don't know much about case law ourselves, so we googled to look for legal aid. We are extremely happy that we ended up at Wanted law. Ashley took care of this assignment for us. Communication, both by e-mail and telephone, was very smooth and constructive. On the day of the court hearing, he ensured that our son got off with a lenient sentence. Hopefully we won't need their help in the future, but if we do, we know who to turn to again.

By Hilde d. B. from Sinaai on 31/01/2022

Professionally and directly addressed

A file of one of our customers (who had signed a heavy maintenance contract for office equipment by deception) was handled professionally and immediately, with punctual follow-up and optimal results. We therefore absolutely recommend Wanted Law!

By M. V. from Lokeren on 28/01/2022


I think the entire process from the telephone introduction to the review of the judgment is good. I am very satisfied with your expertise. I was happy to have you standing next to me in court, I had a team spirit. Thank you.

By Vermeeren from ANTWERPEN on 27/01/2022


Definitely helped very quickly

By Peter R. from Antwerpen on 20/01/2022

For the first time!

Called on the people of Wanted Law for the first time and extremely satisfied with the way of working and service. Highly recommended.

By Jorn B. from Sint-Niklaas on 12/01/2022

As always very good and very clearly helped!

As always very good and very clearly helped by the people of Wanted Law. Both the lawyers themselves and the reception staff received a very friendly welcome. The explanation you receive and any steps to be taken are explained very well and in detail. Wanted Law is highly recommended for all matters.

By Fatih C. from Antwerpen on 22/12/2021

Very good and quick help!

Very good and quick help! Everything was clearly explained which steps were taken. Highly recommended!!

By Kaan C. from Merksem on 17/12/2021

Very friendly and correct

Very friendly and correct

By Joke V. H. from Lokeren on 09/12/2021

Very clear, honest and effective.

Very clear, honest and effective.

By Lex G. from Nederland on 12/11/2021

Good and correct!

Good services and agreements perfectly fulfilled. In addition, expert, correct presentation of matters and all that for an excellent rate. Recommended!

By Natascha S. from Sint-Gillis-Waas on 04/11/2021


I would like to sincerely thank you for your knowledge in the field. You really are a winner! A heartfelt thank you for your efforts and achieved results!

By Erik D. C. from Meerdonk on 18/10/2021

Definitely recommend!

Friendly person, good explanation about the fine. We recommend that you inform yourself before paying the fine.

By Stijn from Duffel on 21/09/2021

Down to the last detail!

Very smooth & fast communication. Everything prepared down to the last detail. I definitely recommend this law firm!

By Kristina from Brussel on 18/08/2021

Highly recommended!

Very friendly, great service and fast response! Highly recommended! Thank you!

By Bayram from Sint Niklaas on 22/06/2021

Clear explanation!

Very satisfied, friendly & correct lawyers. Clear explanation. Very good guidance. If something happens in the future, I know where to go.

By Marc D.C. from Stekene on 07/06/2021

Very good service

Very good service Very good service and friendly staff and lawyers. I recommend your office to everyone.

By Natasja S. from Stekene on 06/06/2021


Very friendly staff, smooth and correct, they always respond very quickly, only positive experiences, highly recommended, TOP!!

By Dylan V. from Dendermonde on 25/05/2021

Extremely helpful!

I have been helped enormously. When I had questions I got a good explanation. Everything went smoothly by telephone and digitally. Everything went correctly and clearly. They are also available after the verdict if there are any questions. Thank you!

By Mireille C. from Sint-Niklaas on 21/05/2021

Very helpful!

Been very helpful. When I had questions, I got a good explanation, and I was helped. When I really needed them to assist me, everything was explained by phone or email. Do everything you can to help and support you in the right way. Had nice phone conversations. Highly recommended!

By Wim V. d. B. from Temse on 18/05/2021


Wanted Law's greatest strength is their no-nonsense mentality. They let us know in advance whether a case has a chance, so that no unnecessary costs are incurred. Their lawyers are also directly approachable and respond quickly. We choose Wanted Law because of their goal-oriented approach and the quality of their work and people. This approach is clearly paying off! We are a satisfied client.

By Ismaël A. from Mechelen on 10/05/2021

Well helped

Very good service and quick help. Professional *****

By Johan D. B. from Edegem on 10/05/2021

Very good follow-up of our case.

Very good follow-up of our case. Due to my busy schedule, I did not always follow up on all appointments. The Wanted Law attorneys very discreetly ensured that I submitted what was necessary within the deadline. Communication was also great! If I still need legal help, I will definitely call on this office again. Top service.

By Jasper from Aarschot on 29/04/2021

Very smooth, solid and human service!

Very smooth, solid and human service from Wanted Law. Very soon after my first email I was contacted by phone. With the necessary expertise, the entire matter was explained very clearly. The human side is also not forgotten: they are very friendly people who, in addition to legal support, can also easily reassure you. Every step in the process was explained very clearly. People have always been very honest and open about the possible penalties, so they don't make false promises to you. Everything went very smoothly, and thanks to their support and expertise, I obtained a much more favorable outcome than I had first hoped. My thanks go to them in advance!

By Tom from Heist Pp Den Berg on 21/04/2021

Fast and accurate

Réponse rapide, connaissance précise des dossiers, communication claire sans vous submerger de concepts juridiques.

By Yassine B. from Sint-Niklaas on 19/04/2021

Very satisfied

Very satisfied, professional, good communication.

By Greet B. from Wilsele on 08/04/2021

Very helpful!

They helped me very well in a very short time. Always correct and keep you well informed of all developments. Definitely recommended!

By Carine en Eddy V.K - V. from Knokke Heist on 31/03/2021

Recommended with great confidence!

I can recommend your Wanted Law with great confidence to anyone who would need the assistance of a lawyer! What for us was a case that dragged on (3.5 years) with the justice of the peace, you have solved with a lot of effort, without false promises and an explanation that is understandable for everyone in a period of less than a year and with a good outcome! !! For which we thank you! Again, I would recommend to anyone to be assisted by your team, for every case there is a lawyer who is aware of any problem. Joachim and Maxim, we are sincerely very satisfied people! You have taken a heavy burden off our shoulders and brought it to a good end. With many greetings from very satisfied people. Eddie and Carine.

By Tina VH from Schilde on 29/03/2021

Satisfied with the approach and handling of my case!

I am very satisfied with the approach and handling of my case. I received a summons only 8 days before the hearing, but that was no problem for the lawyers at Wanted Law. They quickly analyzed the case and prepared the plea note. The result was a complete acquittal.

By Yoni V.D. from Lembeek on 29/03/2021

Very correct approach.

Very correct approach. Clear explanations for every step to be taken. After the first meeting it is immediately clear what is realistically achievable and what to expect! Top!

By Julio S. from Ekeren on 09/03/2021

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied! Quick help and clear advice. Very skilled lawyer.

By Anonymous from West-Vlaanderen on 04/03/2021


Received very clear and expert advice. Definitely recommended for first legal aid.

By Anonymous from Schilde on 02/03/2021

Super service

Super service, I was urgently looking for assistance for a session. They immediately did the necessary and after a few pleasant conversations prepared the pleading note, resulting in the full acquittal. Thanks again for the assistance and the favorable verdict.

By Katja C. from Laakdal on 22/02/2021

Quickly detailed and clear answer!

I had asked for advice regarding a possible dispute of an immediate collection. Very quickly I received a very detailed and clear answer that helped me in making my decision. I am very satisfied with the fast service provided.

By S.A. from Erembodegem on 01/02/2021

Quickly detailed and clear answer!

Very thorough and understandable explanation. Personalized approach. Good follow up from start to finish. My lawyer took extensive time with me. I was well guided on the day of the hearing. Definitely recommended, also for young drivers! Thanks again!

By A. A. from Sint-Niklaas on 29/01/2021

I want to thank you

I want to thank you for your knowledge in the field. I thought this file was a lost cause until I got to know WANTED LAW. I appreciate everything you've done for me. From now on only WANTED LAW.

By S.B. from Hulst on 18/01/2021

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied with the approach and the service provided! Very skilled lawyers and very clear in everything. Excellent guidance! Very pleasant contact. Toppers!

By Lander W. from Londerzeel on 08/01/2021

Definitely recommended law firm!

After I received a summons for a hit-and-run hit, I immediately served at Wanted Law and was very satisfied with the service and the plea in court. Favorable fine and weekend driving ban. Definitely recommended law firm for traffic matters.

By M. V. R. from 9100 on 30/12/2020

Very satisfied!

I am very satisfied with Wanted Law. Very professional approach, accurate follow-up and briefing regarding the progress of the file, which had a successful outcome, exactly as I wanted it. Thanks again to Wanted Law and the attorney who handled the case.

By Jens M. from Kuurne on 14/12/2020

Fast and clear

Received quick and clear advice.

By Marc D. from Knokke-Heist on 12/12/2020

Thank you!

With this I would like to thank you for the successful outcome, commitment and spontaneous reaction of this difficult case, with all the obstacles and problems that have occurred beyond our control.

By K. V. from Erpe-Mere on 08/12/2020

Thank you!

Also through this road I would like to thank the people of wanted law again. From the first contact, a weight is immediately lifted off your shoulders. These people take charge of your business and handle everything for you right to the end with regular updates. I have always received an answer to all my questions the same day. I also never had to worry about the financial side of the story, wanted law arranged this directly with my insurance. An absolute must if you want professional help.

By P.A. from Belsele on 08/12/2020


Because of a 3rd-degree traffic violation, for which a subpoena is being filed, I contacted Wanted Law. Within a very short period of time I was contacted and we discussed the facts. In a personal meeting at the office, all possible scenarios were discussed, as well as the lawyer's objectives. On the day of the hearing, I was further informed in clear and understandable terms. During the hearing he pleaded very correctly, which led to an acceptable result. If I can absolutely recommend anyone, it is definitely Wanted Law! Thanks again for the performance.

By Otman B. from Londerzeel on 01/12/2020


Dear, On Wednesday, August 26, I had a telephone contact with a lawyer from Wanted Law in connection with a number of speeding fines that I have received. He had immediately determined that the immediate innings is calculated on the speed set and not on the corrected speed. He advised me to dispute the fines, which I actually did AND WITH SUCCESS! Several authorities I contacted had advised me to transfer the fines because I had no chance, but they did not count on Wanted Law's expertise. If you receive a traffic fine and you are not sure whether it is correct or not, please contact for advice! You will not regret it. Regards.

By Femke L. from Denderbelle on 23/11/2020

Clear explanation!

Wanted Law contacted regarding a traffic fine. Clear explanation of the situation and what to expect. Very helpful and patient person on the phone.

By Andre v. B. from Oelegem on 09/11/2020

Quick contact

Despite a pretty hopeless case, I was very quickly contacted by one of the lawyers to go over all options and chances of success.

By Evi V. R. from Waarloos on 06/11/2020

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied with the way Wanted Law works, with a lot of praise for master Ashley Bickx in particular. Clear and clear communication from day 1 so that you will not be faced with too many surprises when the decision is pronounced. I am a very satisfied customer and will certainly recommend you to others.

By Ahlam from Hasselt on 28/10/2020

Very satisfied!

What professionalism and customer friendliness!!! I am very satisfied and recommend them too!!!

By René G. from Hoboken on 27/10/2020

Thanks for the effort!

Dear People of "Wanted Law", I also want to thank you, and in particular Master Glass, for their efforts. I could always go to with all my questions and I was helped in a very friendly and professional manner. Thanks to the advice of master Glas, we have fortunately got through a difficult period, for which my heartfelt and sincere thanks again.

By Maarten C. from Merelbeke on 20/10/2020

Very professional guidance!

Very professional guidance. I was always given a clear explanation of the situation and what to expect. No unexpected surprises with the pronunciation.

By Anthon G. from Brugge on 20/10/2020

Zeer enthousiast over de samenwerking met Wanted.Law!

Going to a lawyer has always given me a bad and uncomfortable feeling because I used to get little input, or support, a few times inefficiently or I was even misinformed, or given wrong advice. Whether or not the counselor was even reachable for weeks. Frustration thus. Contacted Wanted.Law. I can and may not say anything else that the communication and contact were great, and a lot of time was set aside for our business. Any questions or concerns were answered very quickly. A completely different way of seeing than I was used to. Very excited about the collaboration with Wanted.Law :-)

By Peter D. M. from Buggenhout on 09/10/2020


Quick and very clear answer based on the legal text. Super!!

By Safia Y. from Sint-Niklaas on 08/10/2020

Always a listening ear and good advice.

Always a listening ear and good advice. If necessary, you have quick contact and you are always dealing with the same people from the office, who are aware of your personal situation. Your story is immediately clear and therefore people can respond appropriately. I was also kept well informed by my lawyer.

By Isabel M. from Sint-Niklaas on 30/09/2020

Collaboration in 1 team!

Graag wil ik nu ook even de tijd nemen om jullie allen te bedanken voor de steun en kracht in mijn zaak om de voogdij te winnen van mijn zoontje. Jullie samenwerking als 1 team is enorm mooi en hoogwaardig. Wat een top begeleiding in de rechtbank! Ik ben u heel dankbaar. Ik kan niet meer tevreden zijn als klant en ben vol lof over jullie kantoor. Bedankt!

By Eljakim D.C. from Izegem on 24/09/2020

Let yourself be defended!

Wanted Law heeft me onlangs fantastisch goed geholpen. Bij een oude verkeersinbreuk - ik was pas 18 - had ik me niet laten verdedigen. Wist ik veel dat ik voor rechtsbijstand verzekerd was. Bovendien dacht ik dat je voor bijstand slachtoffer moest zijn van iets. Resultaat: dikke maximumboete. Soit, met mij geen twee keer. Via internet vond ik advocatenkantoor Wanted Law. Ik heb hun over de telefoon en via e-mail mijn zaak uitgelegd. Zij hebben alles opgevolgd van dag 1 tot na de hoorzitting, zijn altijd eerlijk geweest - niet vals hoopgevend - en hebben zelf bewijsmateriaal verzameld. Het resultaat dat Wanted Law mij gebracht heeft is een veel lichtere veroordeling en een mildere geldboete. Laat je verdedigen, ik ben tevreden.

By Younes E.M. from Antwerpen on 04/09/2020

Very satisfied.

File handled properly. Very satisfied.

By Louis L. from Kortrijk on 27/08/2020

Helped in a clear and correct way.

We were helped in a clear and correct way. The contact was very easy via chat and later email. Our questions were answered quickly. In addition, the case was dropped without causing us any additional headaches. In the next case I will contact you again.

By Christophe R. from Brugge on 11/08/2020

Fast and very correct!

Invoked Wanted Law for a small professional dispute which was quickly and very properly acted upon.

By Sofie V. from Jabbeke on 11/08/2020

Thank you!

THANK YOU so much for your work!! Without you my father and I would be nowhere.

By Marnix D. R. from Moerbeke on 10/08/2020

Instant advice!

Instant advice!

By Frederik M. from Damme on 10/08/2020

Very satisfied!

We are very satisfied with our ongoing collaboration, because your services are not limited to just 'informing about the law'. Our company has been well advised several times, because Wanted really thinks from that entrepreneurial spirit.

By Martine L. from Brugge on 23/07/2020

Great office!

Bruges is a super office with the best trained lawyers under the very good guidance of Joachim!

By Joke D. from Wetteren on 21/07/2020

Very efficient handling!

Very efficient handling! As a self-employed person, I participate very actively in traffic. Given the long distances and sometimes unknown regions, a violation happened sooner than I would like. I was delighted to be able to count on targeted advice and a thorough action plan. By clearly describing my situation, the lawyer was able to reassure me and he also limited the 'damage' to an 'amicable settlement'. Grateful that I found my way to "Wanted Law", a must when it comes to traffic violations.

By Bram G. from Brugge on 13/07/2020

Great service!

Great service! Fast action and the customers paid quickly.

By Filip VdE. from Erpe-Mere on 06/07/2020

Inquire here!

Very friendly person, good explanation about the fine. We recommend that you inform yourself before paying the fine.

By Stijn S. from Mechelen on 17/06/2020

Clear and transparent communication and advice from the first minute.

Clear and transparent communication and advice from the first minute. When you, as an exemplary driver, make a stupid mistake and are summoned, that is a huge difference. The Wanted Law team ensured a very good follow-up of the file. Thanks to a proactive approach, good preparation and an excellent plea, a favorable verdict was obtained. During the preparatory conversations and emails I was always kept well informed. No technical jargon, but clear language. Hopefully in the future I will no longer have to rely on traffic matters, but if I need a lawyer I already know who to choose.

By Bjorn V. H. from Grasheide on 11/06/2020

Driven and energetic!

Looking for advice on pre-emptive rights on the sale of our bare property to the usufructuary (our own real estate company) we came into contact with Wanted Law. Immediately very driven and energetic Lady on the line who advised me to schedule a speed date. Asked a question on Friday, phone appointment on Monday and clear direction in 5 minutes how and what. Thank you for the enthusiasm and targeted feedback.

By Jonas V. from Tielt on 11/06/2020

Good support and help

Thank you for the support and the help in a short time, I have full confidence in this cooperation. More has happened now than ever before...

By Johan V. from Kortrijk on 11/06/2020

Professional approach

I am very satisfied with Wanted Law's professional approach. I have forwarded the comments/advice to my customer. I will certainly call on you in the future.

By Hasan from Limburg on 09/06/2020

Outstanding service!

Thank you for your excellent service! You do your job very well.

By Geert D.M. from Oudenaarde on 09/06/2020


Nice to be defended by communicative people. I was kept informed every time in a correct and open way.

By Jelle R. from Ternat on 08/06/2020

Fast and clear!

Police report sent by mail and received a phone call within 10 minutes with clear and correct information. Highly recommended if in doubt about your official report.

By Sebastien H. from Knesselare on 05/06/2020

Fast and clear!

Helped quickly with clear explanations!

By Demi VB. from Berlare on 15/05/2020

Great service!

Very satisfied with your top service! From the first telephone you have supported me with the necessary knowledge and kept me always informed. You take it very professionally and that immediately creates trust. You know how to tackle things and you are all people with expertise!

By wim d. from Overmere on 28/04/2020

Very satisfied with the first-line advice from this office!

We are extremely satisfied with the first-line advice from this office. They quickly contacted us about a rental problem due to covid-19. Without any obligation they gave a clear explanation about this and they immediately thought along with us. This office exudes professionalism . In the future we will therefore call on their expertise and we will gladly recommend this office to our customers.

By Steve R. from Zoersel on 22/04/2020

Very satisfied with this guidance and information!

Very satisfied with this guidance and information. These are PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE! They know their professional knowledge very well and let other people enjoy their excellent work. Should I need a lawyer in the future, I will definitely hire someone from WANTED LAW. Thanks for the great service!

By Ivo J. from Overpelt on 10/03/2020

We are very satisfied with the information and guidance!

We are very satisfied with the information and guidance we were able to experience for advice on an environmental permit. If we need to call on a lawyer in the future, we will certainly turn to WANTED LAW.

By Guido S. from Sint-Niklaas on 03/03/2020

Good cooperation with positive results. It couldn't be better!

Good cooperation with positive results. It couldn't be better!

By Kyss-projects from Beveren-Waas on 02/03/2020

Fantastic assistance!

Unlikely. Unlikely is a strong word, but it applies to the fantastic assistance we received in a very sensitive and difficult case. In the middle of the year-end period (with even interventions and accessibility during the Christmas season), the file was completed flawlessly for all parties. Submission 21/12, intended final result 31/12. Many thanks, also for the very human approach.

By Davy S. from Antwerpen on 29/01/2020

Thank you very much!

I would like to thank you all for guiding the file. If there is another possibility (not under criminal law of course) I will in any case call on your office again.

By Charissa S. from Vrasene on 15/01/2020

Very difficult case

We had a very difficult file! Nevertheless, Wanted Law's lawyers have always supported us with an honest opinion. We certainly recommend them to others who need a good lawyer.

By Frank V. from Belsele on 14/01/2020

They look at the situation very objectively and you get an honest opinion about your situation

It is always a bit of a shock when you get a police report in the bus. Therefore, know that the experts at Wanted Law are easy to reach for an initial free advice on the facts. They look at the situation very objectively and you get an honest opinion about your situation. Without imposing further, you then decide to take further steps. I was pleasantly surprised by their approach and can certainly recommend them.

By Pieter C. from Buggenhout on 13/01/2020

Perfect mix of professionalism and sympathetic service!

Perfect mix of professionalism and sympathetic service!

By Filip C. from Berchem on 10/01/2020

Very fast and very helpful legal assistance!

Very fast and very helpful legal assistance with my official report due to being late to the inspection. I can certainly recommend you and will certainly call on you if the need arises. thank you all from your office.

By Robin VD from Hulst (NL) on 04/12/2019

A lot of consultation and very good tactics.

I had 3 hit and run accidents in a short period of time that left me fearing the worst. So sky-high fines...! I then randomly chose a lawyer (wanted law). What a very good choice turned out to be in hindsight. The 3 statements turned out very favorably because Mr Vincent Glas had applied a very good tactic that we had also discussed beforehand. There is a lot of consultation with the client beforehand, which I greatly appreciated. I am very satisfied with the result, thank you!

By Chris D. from Londerzeel on 03/12/2019

A pleasant way of working together.

I would like to thank you for your assistance and advice, as well as for the “way of working” with your office, in particular: • Straight to the point • In understandable language • Short lines, direct agreements where nothing gets in the way. In short, a pleasant way of working together, as you would not expect in your branch of sport.

By K. V. from Zwalm on 15/11/2019

Transparent in working method and pricing.

i.t.t. to another office, where they were not transparent with regard to invoicing, Wanted Law helped me very well from the start. Transparent in working method and pricing, clear and fast communication. Because of this I had immediate confidence in this office, I will definitely come back here if ever needed.

By Syargey D. from Zedelgem on 12/11/2019

Thanks for your reply and work

Thank you for your reply and the work you have done. I am also satisfied with the result.

By Ouafa B. from Antwerpen on 24/10/2019

Smooth cooperation

Very good law firm with a smooth cooperation

By Walter K. from Sint-Niklaas on 17/09/2019

Case settled quickly!

Your intervention quickly settled the matter. With thanks.

By Kristiaan DV from Gent on 13/09/2019

The road to the punishment and the execution of the punishment was thoroughly prepared, framed and guided!

Whoever commits an error according to the legal jargon must submit to the wisdom of the judgment of the judiciary. This confrontation is often experienced as severe and disproportionate. For example, I was able to experience that through the help of the Mr. V. Glas and his team led the way to the punishment and the execution of the punishment thoroughly and was prepared and framed and supervised. A balm on a tormented soul, as it were.

By R. M. from Dendermonde on 05/09/2019

I am very happy!

BEAUTIFUL! I am very very happy. Thanks for the follow-up and accurate work.

By Lynn M. from Steenokkerzeel on 02/09/2019

I will definitely call on your expertise again!

I received my amicable settlement by letter today. I would like to thank you very much for your help as this is such a relief. I hope not to contact you in the future, but if this happens again I will certainly call on your expertise!

By Patrick V. from Sint-Niklaas on 31/08/2019

Ideal partner!

Perfect balance between technical expertise, punctual follow-up and cost transparency ... Ideal partner!

By Francis B. from Oudenburg on 24/08/2019

Available, involved and customer-oriented

After a few years of divorce, I finally ended up at the law firm Wanted Law. I could enjoy a very professional and personal follow-up of my file. My difficult legal-technical file was always explained in understandable language. Values such as transparency, honest approach, availability, involvement and customer focus are highly valued by this office.

By Gevaert J. from Torhout on 23/08/2019

Professional work and favorable results

Wanted Law assisted me during a hearing before the Police Court. During this procedure I could therefore confidently inform Mr. Vanspeybrouck and his employees. The work was always very professional and the result was very favorable to me, so that I can only speak highly of them.

By Tommy G. from Sint-Niklaas on 21/08/2019

Very good and fast communication.

Very good and fast communication. Very satisfied with the method and personal approach.

By Nancy N. from Knokke-Heist on 21/08/2019

Clear information and a listening ear

From the first contact you immediately get the feeling that you are heard and that they will help you. They explain everything honestly so that you know where you stand and how they can best assist you. In short, a law firm that exudes confidence!

By Sabine P. from Destelbergen on 16/08/2019

Travail soigné et conseils clairs

I can certainly recommend Wanted law's office to others. It is an office that works very thoroughly and provides very clear advice.

By Sven N. from Deinze on 13/08/2019

Positive result

I was very well represented in court and afterwards also extensively and clearly informed about the positive result.

By Nicolas L. from Heusden on 08/08/2019

Satisfied repeatedly

I have been assisted in a very professional and good way before the Police Court, several times and always got a good result!

By O.M. from Sint-Niklaas on 02/08/2019

Fast and high-quality service with results

I was very satisfied with the service of the law firm and especially with the speed with which my file was handled and completed. Thanks to their intervention, I was fully compensated for the damage I had suffered.

By Iris P. from Temse on 31/07/2019

Complex Divorce

After thirty years of marriage, I went through a very difficult divorce. The experts at Wanted Law are currently guiding me through this. They do this by negotiating with my ex. They clearly explain to me where to put water in my wine, but on the other hand protect me when I threaten to give up too many rights under emotion.

By Bart M. from Hamme on 28/07/2019

Divorce with a corporate tangle

After my divorce, I ended up in a stalemate about our company with my ex. This was marked by a complex real estate structure and an associated expert investigation into the value of the shares. The post-divorce wealth division expert from Wanted Law always had a clear view on this matter. I also greatly appreciated the high degree of accessibility.

By Anja W. from Sint-Niklaas on 22/07/2019

Decisive and no nonsense approach

For the division of my assets after divorce, I called on the lawyers of Wanted Law. They assisted me with a lot of decisiveness. In the end, my ex and I reached an agreement through their intervention. This allows me to close this chapter of my life. What I appreciate about them is their no nonsense approach.

By Johan W. from Torhout on 16/07/2019

Correct cooperation

All (partial) tasks were always taken care of to the very great satisfaction of my office and this always within the agreed time frame and correctly according to the agreements made.

By bvba P. from Leuven on 13/07/2019

Short on the ball

In recent years, the office has intervened very frequently for us in advice and proceedings relating to real estate transactions, general contract law and various variants of lease agreements, ranging from occupancy to bed, lease contracts under common law, residential and, above all, commercial lease. As a real estate investor, due to the speed required for real estate transactions, we are often forced to obtain appropriate and targeted realistic advice in the short term when buying and selling real estate. After all, we must always have a quick and clear assessment of possible problems, as well as a proposal for a solution, advice on the options for adjustment, termination and/or the conclusion of specific agreements. We are also often confronted with rights in rem such as ground lease, superficies, usufruct and the like, or we wish to make use of such legal figures. To date, we have always been able to successfully call on the office for this and can only recommend them to you.

By Diego L. from Leuven on 07/07/2019

Quick and efficient!

We particularly appreciate the fact that we have always intervened in an efficient manner and in a very short period of time, whereby the pre-envisaged objectives are always achieved, barring mistakes on my part.

By Luc G. from Ruddervoorde on 01/07/2019

Highly valued interventions!

In various files, very current negotiations with government agencies and various parties intervened in order to arrive at a mediated solution, but resolute and solution-oriented action was taken if these negotiations did not achieve the desired result. We are very satisfied with the intervention and have already repeatedly recommended the office to clients who needed a specialized lawyer in the relevant matters. We particularly appreciate correct advice, prompt follow-up, good reporting, easy accessibility, solution-oriented thinking and striving for the best possible result, preferably through mediated means.

By Olivier D.R. from Hamme (O.-Vl.) on 30/06/2019

A pleasant collaboration!

A pleasant cooperation with smooth feedback and good contact. We are very satisfied with the service with our company!

By T.E. from Jabbeke on 26/06/2019


Thank you for giving a completely different view in such a short time with clear examples of how things can be done differently. I didn't expect that from a lawyer. I should have come by much sooner.

By Natasja S. from Stekene on 23/06/2019

Professional approach.

Professional approach and very involved in content.

By Dirk D.C. from Lokeren on 20/06/2019

Extremely satisfied

You regularly receive all relevant information about the status of your case, the office works extremely efficiently, responds very quickly with the result, in my case, a 100% won case. That is why I am an extremely satisfied client and if it is still necessary in the future, I will certainly not hesitate to call on the great expertise (and warm humanity) of Wanted Law!

By Jonas V. from Dendermonde on 16/06/2019

Extremely satisfied!

I am extremely satisfied with Wanted Law, especially with the service. My case was followed as if it were the lawyer's own case. With weekly updates without asking, I was always well informed about the progress of the case. I have also learned a lot myself, because these lawyers answer every question in plain language. 10/10 would hire again.

By Femke V.H. from Sint-Niklaas on 12/06/2019

Thank you for your support and your fighting spirit!

I especially want to thank you for your support and your fighting spirit for me and my child. I really felt confident next to you.

By W.B. from Buggenhout on 07/06/2019

Fast and correct assistance!

After an e-mail I received a message back quickly, a little later a conversation was scheduled and then she took care of everything, with a very clear explanation. I can only be satisfied!!

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