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Do you want to become a Wanted lawyer and be part of an experienced team that shares knowledge and instills confidence? We are always looking for stars who have the best qualities. Are you motivated, honest, innovative, mediating, involved, customer-oriented, independent, open and optimist? Do you have an eye for the interests and do you go straight if necessary? Contact us and convince us of your qualities. The coffee is ready...

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The legal profession is for you. After 5 years of studying, take the next step: your internship at Wanted Law.

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Wanted Law is always looking for budding talent. In recent years, many lawyers have therefore taken the step from the lap of this office.

If you would like to take the plunge into the legal profession as a trainee lawyer, please contact us for an exploratory conversation via info@wanted .law or directly with (West Flanders desk) or (Dendermonde counter).

In a subsequent meeting, extensive consideration will be given to the traineeship, the desk and the way in which you will be received and supported within the office. This also offers the opportunity to get to know each other better and to check whether you - in addition to the necessary professional and interpersonal skills - fit into the broader whole of the office. This will be important because a long-term commitment is taken together in which a very solid foundation is laid for your later career within the legal profession or magistracy.

Here you will find more information about the profession of a trainee lawyer himself.