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What do you get?

A simple but complete information document to inform you about the steps involved in collecting consumer debts

  • What steps do you have to go through as an entrepreneur?
  • What are the recommended adjustments
  • Collect your invoices correctly!

A free information document

After registering in the shop, you will receive an email from us with a PDF file. You can feel free to save or print this.


Do you think you need a lawyer as a plaintiff or defendant? No worries! You can also opt to purchase a number of hours of assistance. During this hour(s) we will discuss your specific situation with you. This way you will immediately receive some useful tips and tricks, and you will be assured of complete and correct legal follow-up for a fixed price. You can choose between 1 hour or 2 hours of assistance.

Also order your 'First outstanding invoice reminder - B2C!'

Your smart letter adapted to current legislation and your own situation!

Do you suddenly want to adapt your general terms and conditions to the new legislation?

Purchase the model clause to renew your general terms and conditions.

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