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We analyze your position and advise you which steps can be taken. We indicate what you can do yourself or what we can do for you under what conditions.

A fairly clear estimate can be made very quickly about how to proceed. If we cannot immediately reassure you, we can assist you in time to detect the dangers and advise how worse can be avoided. You then decide how you want to proceed, whether you do it with us, with an advisor we recommend or on your own.

You pay for the consultation via the Wanted webshop and immediately afterwards we will make an appointment with you for the consultation.

What do you get?

During this consultation we analyze your legal question together with you. You can of course ask us all your questions, but we will also ask you a whole series of questions to gain a correct understanding of your problem. You will receive an objective assessment from us, in which we provide you with a clear insight into where you stand, what your rights and obligations are, what options you have and what the consequences are of the choices you make.

We also explain to you what we think is the solution and what the appropriate strategy is to achieve it. During the consultation we will also give you a price indication of what this solution will cost.

You are under no obligation after the consultation.

Duration time?

A consultation lasts 45 minutes.

(...) Thank you for giving a completely different view in such a short time with clear examples of how things can be done differently. I didn't expect that from a lawyer. I should have come by much sooner (...)

T.E. from J.

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