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Good lawyers are seldom loved but always wanted

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Why Wanted Law

Remarkable Lawyers are always wanted

Contemporary, creative and groundbreaking. A law firm that wants to be small and large at the same time. Accessible and small-scale, client-friendly and affordable, but on the other hand with all the advantages of scaling up. Wanted by our clients and our employees. A place to find the right solution for your legal problems together with you!

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Focus on creative, innovative solutions

Can you find it in a blog, vlog or via the chatbot? A contract ordered online or developed by us or a legal savings moment? The underlying question for us was always the same: where can we offer added value? We like to make time to think about those processes that help clients the most at every stage of their project or search for a solution. Your input and feedback helps us in our process of converting our creativity and that of our employees into concrete added value: together we like to make a difference.

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We are proud to be both small and big

We like to be small if that means that we can continue to focus on a personal and accessible working method from different places. This allows us to remain responsive and very close to the clients. On the other hand, Wanted Law makes it possible to further develop positive matters together in a larger whole. By joining forces and creativity in all areas, we all come out stronger together.

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At Wanted Law we keep contacts safe by using video consultations. We take all the time necessary for you to analyze your legal problem together with you and find a suitable solution. You then decide for yourself how you want to proceed. Whether you do this with us, with an advisor we recommend or on your own. When you book a video consultation with us, we will send you a "meeting invitation" via email. The meeting takes place in our specially equipped consultation room.

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Music is also important in the legal profession. Music inspires, connects and gives color to life. Wanted Law employees put together a playlist on Spotify. The result has become an inspiring list of current hits and classics that perfectly illustrate the feel of Wanted Law! Feel the Wanted vibe! to be root

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Help us understand you better as a client

By Annemie B. from Beveren on 06/04/2022

Event Sint-Niklaas - 'How is your real estate taxed?'

Received interesting information, especially the website with example contracts!

By P.A. from Belsele on 08/12/2020


Because of a 3rd-degree traffic violation, for which a subpoena is being filed, I contacted Wanted Law. Within a very short period of time I was contacted and we discussed the facts. In a personal meeting at the office, all possible scenarios were discussed, as well as the lawyer's objectives. On...

By Filip VdE. from Erpe-Mere on 06/07/2020

Inquire here!

Very friendly person, good explanation about the fine. We recommend that you inform yourself before paying the fine.