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Tax law

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What about my taxes  if my children live elsewhere? How do I get a part of my car taxes back? A person asks a tax question every day, but rarely finds a clear answer. With Wanted Law Tax we want to assist you with advice and assistance.

Every major decision or event in life has consequences for taxes and duties, so you better arrange things well.

That is why you must have an accessible and communicative advisor.

We can help you with expertise in:

  • Personal income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • VAT
  • International Tax Law
  • Regional and local taxes
  • Tax procedure

Preventing conflicts and seeking balanced solutions is our starting point because in the long term this is often the best arrangement for our clients.

Our unique combined experience is an asset. In addition to contacts and requests with the tax authorities, we also provide assistance and advice regarding tax disputes.

So when you receive a letter from the FPS Finance or another administration, it is a good idea to contact us, because often a quick intervention is very important so as not to miss any opportunities.

More and more people also have legal assistance insurance for tax disputes, so you can certainly rely on our services quickly.

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